Niykee, a girl from a small country town from Illinois met a California kid named Jacob on a cool summer night in Charleston, South Carolina. Loud music, refreshing Budweiser beers, and bad singing by Jacob. Niykee finally found her match. With her gazing blue eyes, and a sunshine smile, Jacob thought he could catch Niykee's attention by acting like he knows every song.  Jacob asked anyone and everyone what the name of the songs were, so in turn he could look up the lyrics and impress this county lovin' girl.


Jacob is tall, slim, and full of energy. Jacob grew up always with a smile on his face. If there was a camera - jump, smile, cheeeeese! Jacob loved the center of attention. As the youngest of his siblings, Jacob always wanted to be his own person. Early on, Jacobs parents knew their youngest kid found happiness through creativity, music, and art. Not limited by one expression or bias. Jacob desired culture, design, and appearance through modeling. Through modeling Jacob is able to express himself.

Niykee is strong-willed, creative, and has a passion for traveling. Growing up Niykee learned early on how to be organized through managing her tasks and checking off her to-do list. Although Niykee was a little shy, with her big blue eyes and even bigger smile, Niykee would eventually be directing and participating in styled shoots in Charleston, South Carolina. Through her travels, Niykee has been able to capture her style with the natural world.

Un-afraid, and determined to insure quality in her work, Niykee found a passion in modeling. 

The two have found pure passion in the art of modeling and traveling and find great joy  seeing the world in front of the camera.